Our Story

Everything you want to know

In 1872 Cornelius Hurst constructed a saloon and boarding house on the corner of Twelfth and Main Streets in Jasper. Because at the time it was located on the outskirts of town, the saloon was known as the “First and Last Chance Saloon.”

In 1882, A.J. McNerney became owner and renamed the business the “Queen City Saloon.” The Habig and Eckstein families became the next owners of the establishment, they also operated the brewery across the street. Subsequent owners of the saloon included Gerber, Knapp, Kunkel, Gutgsell and Haas families.

In 1928, William Giesler purchased the property and placed two of his sons in charge. One of those sons, Cyril “Snap” Giesler, bought out his father in 1940 and changed the name of the bar to “Snap’s Café.” After 60 years in the business, Snap retired in 1989.

In November of 1988, the property was purchased by Kresco Rentals. The owners included Bill Kress, Dave Bromm, and Duane Leinenbach. They owned and operated the business as Snap’s Café until 1994, at which time Greg “Fuzz” Martin and Todd Kersteins bought the business.

In 1999 Ron and Debbie Flick bought and restored the property and renamed it. The establishment has since then ran under various names.

Now the Mitchell family would like to “Thank You” for joining us in the new “Snaps” and we hope you enjoy your experience.